Perfect UV Defense Moisture Veil

Perfect UV Defense Moisture Veil

  • $ 45.00

1.01oz /30ml SPF50+ and PA++++
non-chemical (without using ultraviolet absorber)
Milky-lotion type (shake well before use)
Long-awaited UV rays care product appeared in CP collection! You will get ultimate beautiful skin with using this along with the other CP collection

80% of skin aging comes from the damage of UV rays. However, this is your strong protector for UV rays!
This is the answer for how to protect your skin from UV rays. This will block both for UV-A and UV-B by maximum protection! Protect your skin by state of the art for sun care product!!

Main features
POINT1: Strong UV rays cut! Maximum SPF and PA value with non-chemical ingredients
POINT2: Smooth texture, No icky feeling, Non-powdery finish
POINT3: Moisturizing skin care effect

* New technology with reflector element made possible to achieve SPF 50+ and PA++++. Protect from UV rays for long time (continuance 16 hours with maximum cut value)
* Very safe non-chemical formula without ultraviolet absorber.
* This sunscreen with milk lotion type will blend seamlessly into your skin
* Very low-impact to your skin, and no acrid odor.
* No tense feeling after applied.
* It's so light texture. It's good for everyday use as well as on leisure.
* Non-powdery finish while SPF 50+.
* This sunscreen is good for children and men and elderly people also.
* It protects against desiccation from UV rays.
* It is strong waterproof from sweat and sebum.
* You can use ordinary body soap to wash off the sunscreen. No particular cleansing needed.

Main ingredients
UV ray scatter agent: Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide
Moisturizing ingredients: Hydrolyzed Collagen, SODIUM HYALURONATE
Antioxidation ingredients: TOCOPHEROL,
Emollient ingredients: VEGETABLE OIL (Blended with sunflower oil, macadamia oil, sweet almond oil and other vegetables oil)

Non-chemical, non-the former designated ingredients, non-paraben, non-mineral oil, non-fragrance, non-alcohol, non-color additive.

<< How to use>>
1. The container has a stirring ball inside. Please shake the container well before use. ??????
2. Put sunscreen little by little on your hand and spread it on your skin evenly. You can apply it on both face and body. ??????
? To keep sunscreen effect: please re-apply sunscreen each time after wiping off sunscreen by a towel or after excessive sweating.